Canopus Research Inc.

Canopus Research Inc. provides strategic market, industry, and technology research and analysis on the computer industry, software, the Internet, and the technologies of information. Our primary clients are leading industry vendors, large users of information technology, and members of the investment community. We cover a broad range of topics including:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Center Server Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Social Networking
  • Industry Trends and Futures
  • Personal Branding
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Software Development Platforms/Tools
  • Virtualization
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Worlds

Canopus Research Inc. also offers software and web site development services, currently mostly PHP/MySQL projects building web sites requiring more than out-of-the box functionality from standard content management systems (CMS). We have done Microsoft Visual Studio based C# development for over a decade, but our typical projects now involve customization and software development on a WordPress foundation, using Adobe Dreamweaver and Aptana Studio, though we also work with Drupal and Joomla.

Canopus Research also has subsidiary operations delivering local computer and networking services to homes and businesses south of Boston (Duxbury Computers) and bookkeeping and accounting services (Duxbury Bookkeeping). These operations also serve as, in effect, a ‘hands on’ research lab monitoring consumer trends in the use of information technology.